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We Design, BIM Coordinate, List and Provide Closeouts for You.


Why work with Plano?

Our in-house design team uses BIM and CAD technology to design complete fire protection systems.


Our team of designers with more than 20 years of experience in the field of engineering and installation have the expertise you're looking for.


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PLANO's superior design services achieve accurate, technically correct construction documentation—which equals cost savings. By moving the engineering effort up front in the design process, PLANO can level the playing field among installing contractors and permit more aggressive and competitive bidding.

PLANO provides the level of service that is best suited to compliment your preferred method of project delivery:

  • Value Engineering
  • Scope drawings and performance specifications
  • Complete coordinated design drawings including hydraulic calculations
  • Complete installation drawings including cut lengths, hanger locations and earthquake bracing (shop drawings)
  • Shop drawing review (third party plan review)

Clients using our Fire Protection Design Services can benefit as follows:

  • 15-25% savings over other project delivery methods
  • Technically correct system
  • Aesthetic considerations where desired
  • Comprehensive coordination with other disciplines during design phase
  • Eliminates surprises during construction and project close-out

At PLANO, we are problem solvers. We will find the right solution for your healthcare, high rise, assembly, sports, retail, residential, and commercial projects. We will find the right solutions for you.

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